onsdag 29 april 2009

Hrrmppfh.. All I have in my head right now (it seems) is these two characters >_> And their little theme melody..

IT'S ALL FACEBOOKS FAULT! I'm totally brainwashed!

Katjakaj & Bentebent

tisdag 28 april 2009

No more

I've already promised myself not to shead a tear for you, so I won't.

I've also decided that I'm not going to fight for you, since the distance between us is to long even though you're so close I can touch you. I don't want to be the one left broken, so I'm going to leave before it's to late. And I gotta tell you that I'm not sad at all for this. I'm still smiling and I will continue that way.

I'm as happy as allways! :)


To the limit

There's one subject that I'm very sick of discussing right now. It's the subject that allways seems to be on everybodys' lips and that'll never go away.
I must say that it's really getting to me and annoying me to the limit. But I'll just back of, stop listening and pretend to agree.

It seems to me that some people get blinded by the most stupid things nowadays. And I more and more notice how people around us react on the things we say.
We shouldn't let ourselves be stoped and fooled by such tiny details. Everybody's fighting to be beautiful without noticing how beautiful they already are. "The beauty lays in the watchers eyes", someone told me. I totally agree to that.
But I'd rather be ugly and have true friends that see my true beauty, than be beautiful for everybody else who's shallow eyes only find the weaknesses of my looks. All I wanna be is me. All I wanna have is you. And all I have right now is nothing, it seems.

My friends are allways here for me, I do know that, but sometimes it feels like I'm fighting alone without anyone to help me. It's like climbing a latter without steps. Or swiming without water.
It's going nowhere and getting there.
But don't look sad, I'm still alive and as long as I am I'll keep fighting. Fighting myself.
Being beautiful without good looks is hard, but I'm trying to get there. Not for anything but my own confidence. I want to feel confident one day too.
Pull up your sword, 'cause this is gonna be a long battle. To the limit.


torsdag 23 april 2009


I'll just start telling all my friends here from Sweden that, yeah, I'm going to write this blog in english. I'm better at expressing myself that way xD

Don't have much to say today but HELLO and now I've said that so.