måndag 10 januari 2011

I’m pale like snow and so very fragile,

if you play too much I’m sure I’ll break

I used to fly far up high but now I lie in bed,

a folded piece of paper with heartache

Returned from a journey, a journey with you

Strong wind and you were so uplifting

I must admit I had great fun,

In my head thoughts are constantly shifting

And once I hit the ground there were scrubs on my knees,

the bruises in heart made me cry

“I can’t believe you let me fall from that height!”,

I thought as I glanced at the sky

Hoped to get up there, to again hold your hand

but you left me to be a windless kite

Now here I lie in my bed, a folded piece of paper,

cursing myself through the night

Remembering a journey, the wind I fell in love with,

my memories are here to provoke

I’m pale and I’m fragile, you knew very well

but still you played with my guts until I broke

You can fix a kite once it’s broken

but how can it beautifully fly

when the scars are still hurting unspoken

and the desire of flying has died.