fredag 22 maj 2009

Soon back from Spain!

¡HOLA! Guess what! Im going home to Sweden tomorrow!

Ive been at a holiday in Mallorca, Spain, since last saturday. At the beginning of the week I really didnt feel like being here. It was such a bad timing and all I really wanted to do was go home to all my friends. One friend in particular. BUT I decided to take everyday as they came to make the week feel shorter. I cant really believe that Im already going home! It feels weird.
It´ll probably be a good thing though. Im starting to feel a little dizzy from all the sunlight and its SOOO warm down here x_x

I havent got much to tell you for now though.. Just that the beach is wonderful and the pool is chill.. MY MOM EVEN BATHED THERE MORE THAN I DID! O: Ive like.. bathed twice this week xD But she! She´s bathed a HUNDRED times it seems O_O Im so surprised, since she HATES to bathe O: Thats a shock.


fredag 15 maj 2009

Twice the trouble

I'm sorry if I've been confusing you these last few days. My mood has been up and down this week and I haven't really felt any good. First I would be happy and my smile would be grater than anything and the next second my world would be completly broken. Even though I've been sad before, I've NEVER felt this down. I was really heart broken and shocked and I had no idea where to turn to.
What gets to me the most is not problems with love or things like that. Those things are tiny matters in comparison to what truly matters. Friendship and trust.
Friendship and trust are the two things I value more than anything else. What I'm trying to tell you guys is that you should trust each other and think twice before you do something that might hurt a friend. No matter what it's about. Think twice!
I'm also trying to tell you to be honest with each other! If you're feeling hurt by someone, then tell that person what's the matter rather than beating around the bush and trying to avoid that person! That just leads to missunderstanding and more sad feelings.
I talked to the person yesterday and we're all good now. Talking about it is really the best way to solve things. You can't ignore everything that happens. Sometimes you have to step down from your dream world and say "No!". It's important.

I'm going to Mallorca tomorrow! It's an island near Spain. I'm going there with my parents, my younger brother and some people from dads part of the family! It'll be good to get away from Sweden for a while. It feels like I need it.

Let me see your pretty smiles now! :D

onsdag 13 maj 2009

Confused head

A sad goldfish expression is not what I wanna put on my face right now. I wan't to show you all a big smile. It's fragile and easily gone, but it's there. Somewhere.

It's been interrupted for a while now though. When I woke up it was gone. I went to school and it appeared again. Came home and once again it wouldn't show. At the same time things are getting better, it's getting worse. The deeper I go, the harder it'll be to get to the surface. I'm afraid I might drown.

Yesterday was fun!! I haven't had that much fun for a while now and I really enjoyed the company I had. We laughed and talked about everything. So much in common and still so different. It's kinda weird. The memory makes me laugh.

For some strange reason I fell asleep crying yesterday though.

Well that's something for me to know and for you to not.

måndag 11 maj 2009


Today's the day of doom. Or maybe the opposite? Not quite sure yet.. we'll just have to wait and see.

What surprises me the most is that I'm not even nervous. Should I be? - Probably.
I NEVER expected this day to come. I never even thought about it, not once. It's funny how things turn out just after you've decided to let someone go. That they'll actually come around and try to get your attention. It's like a friend said; "Cats go to allergic people because they're trying to avoid them". Or something like that.
I'll just wait and see. Maybe I'm not the allergic person. Maybe it's not a big deal.

Probably isn't.

söndag 10 maj 2009

I am SOOOOO confused right now. I don't know where to go. I feel like screaming. I feel like laughing and it's IMPOSSIBLE to sit still.


onsdag 6 maj 2009

I'm not sure what I want anymore. I don't wanna be sad and I don't wanna be broken.
So just let me keep going the way I've chosen and stop making me confused, okay?

I'd really appreciate that.

tisdag 5 maj 2009

söndag 3 maj 2009

R.I.P LENNART (not really)

<- Awesome picture of the best fish in the world.


My mom just told me that she gave away our goldfishes to my aunt D:

He was the best fish in the world and she just GAVE HIM AWAY!?!?! D: And on top of that he's living OUTSIDE in a pond? D: BLAHH. I don't care about the other fishes
he was so COOL. Seriously. It's hard to imagen how cool he is if you've never met him, but OMG. He was the coolest fish EVER.
SERIOUSLY. Just by listening to the name "Lennart" you KNOW how cool he is. GAHH.

I'm totally going to mourn for him now.


fredag 1 maj 2009

Just wanted to tell everyone that I've created a blog where I kinda intend to write down lyrics, poems and other things I come up with :P

Please check it out and leave some comments! It allways makes me happy :)


I love my friends.
There's not one that I don't love.
I just want to tell you guys this, 'cause you're the best. You mean the world to me.
Through my life I've allways hade someone that's bothered me and I've hade fights with 'em from time to time. But thanks to it I've also learned to stop bothering about people only looking for attention and I'm avoiding fights nowadays. Why would I even consider losing energy on someone I don't like when I can put all my energy on the lovely friends I have?
Just want you guys to put that in your mind. Think about your friends more than you "enemies". Be yourselves and stop being someone else. You'll only end up alone.
On the picture is my best friend through all time. She's born to rock your socks.
Even though I do not allways agree with her way of thinking, I'll allways be there to support and help her.
I love you, Donnis!