fredag 15 oktober 2010

Be courageous

Some things might confuse you. Some things might let you down or even hurt you. But you need to have courage. You need to be able to throw yourself into things, even though they scare you and you have no idea how they'll turn out. Give it a shot. How can you tell if what you're planning to do is a risk or a chance? How do you know that before you've done it? That's right, you can't.

What I'm talking about is not risking your lives or anything like that. I'm simply talking about taking chances to get to know people better. Take the chance to fall in love again. Take the chance to gain a new friend. Take the chance to go against your prejudices, even though you've firmly held on to them for your entire life. It shouldn't be so hard. The only thing hindering you is your own head.
Even though you feel like there's something holding you back, something that someone else did to you in the past, doesn't mean that'll happen again this time. If you let things in the past hold you back like that, you'll never be able to live life fully. You'll miss out on a lot of experiences and people that you might have cherished more than the people you already know will never appear. I'm tired of this hesitation that's growing among us. No one seem to be strong enough to take a chance, a risk, and that leads us nowhere.
I want to become a person able to overcome my own thoughts and doubts and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't know how people might react to this and I can only fear the worst, but at the same time I've got nothing to lose. Maybe that's the beautiful thing about it. I will still be me and I will still have my family and friends around me. I will still have the strong support that I've always had and at the same time, I'll be one experience richer. The wealthiest person on earth doesn't need money.

What's needed is courage.

So what I'm asking from you guys now is;

Have the courage to be a brave person.

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