söndag 19 juni 2011

People say your life is a dance on roses
They don't even know the steps
Anywhere you turn the thorns are making your feet bleed
When you run, when you sleep
the cuts get deeper

I will come looking when you hide
in my head, my deepest thoughts
From the dewy grass you are looking at the sky
Recognizing the stars, it's your home
You're not home now

How can you stay up
You're falling down
Get yourself up on your feet
You're still falling down
There's no use in hiding anymore
You're falling down

You used to fly over the clouds
Touched by the sun rays as you go
But for some reason you fell further to the ground
losing height as you steep
an angel wing-clipped

When you landed things exploded
and your splinters touched my heart
Now I'm standing here, pulling in your hand
you must fly, fly tonight
You can't stay here
It's not safe here

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