onsdag 13 maj 2009

Confused head

A sad goldfish expression is not what I wanna put on my face right now. I wan't to show you all a big smile. It's fragile and easily gone, but it's there. Somewhere.

It's been interrupted for a while now though. When I woke up it was gone. I went to school and it appeared again. Came home and once again it wouldn't show. At the same time things are getting better, it's getting worse. The deeper I go, the harder it'll be to get to the surface. I'm afraid I might drown.

Yesterday was fun!! I haven't had that much fun for a while now and I really enjoyed the company I had. We laughed and talked about everything. So much in common and still so different. It's kinda weird. The memory makes me laugh.

For some strange reason I fell asleep crying yesterday though.

Well that's something for me to know and for you to not.

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