fredag 15 maj 2009

Twice the trouble

I'm sorry if I've been confusing you these last few days. My mood has been up and down this week and I haven't really felt any good. First I would be happy and my smile would be grater than anything and the next second my world would be completly broken. Even though I've been sad before, I've NEVER felt this down. I was really heart broken and shocked and I had no idea where to turn to.
What gets to me the most is not problems with love or things like that. Those things are tiny matters in comparison to what truly matters. Friendship and trust.
Friendship and trust are the two things I value more than anything else. What I'm trying to tell you guys is that you should trust each other and think twice before you do something that might hurt a friend. No matter what it's about. Think twice!
I'm also trying to tell you to be honest with each other! If you're feeling hurt by someone, then tell that person what's the matter rather than beating around the bush and trying to avoid that person! That just leads to missunderstanding and more sad feelings.
I talked to the person yesterday and we're all good now. Talking about it is really the best way to solve things. You can't ignore everything that happens. Sometimes you have to step down from your dream world and say "No!". It's important.

I'm going to Mallorca tomorrow! It's an island near Spain. I'm going there with my parents, my younger brother and some people from dads part of the family! It'll be good to get away from Sweden for a while. It feels like I need it.

Let me see your pretty smiles now! :D

5 kommentarer:

  1. vad bra att det är bra nu...
    Och du kan lita på mig, lovar C: <33 tack Awa för att du är bäst

    Jasså!! Hoppas du får det bra där nere :D

    @u0 <-- pretty smile (xD)

  2. Jag litar massor på dig<3 ;*; Förlåt att jag inte kan berätta.. men ja.. det känns lite fel och så >:

    Det ska jag! MIHI<3
    Ditt leende är finast<3 <:

  3. nnn!!! D: kfjhgdsg ingen får må dåligt ju.. det är hemskt... T-T <333 awa元気付けて!!

    i dun like my smile tho' Tu T


    Och Gris mår bra nu ;w;

  5. true man

    stay honest is one of the most
    important thing we should do

    and learn how to communicate better