fredag 22 maj 2009

Soon back from Spain!

¡HOLA! Guess what! Im going home to Sweden tomorrow!

Ive been at a holiday in Mallorca, Spain, since last saturday. At the beginning of the week I really didnt feel like being here. It was such a bad timing and all I really wanted to do was go home to all my friends. One friend in particular. BUT I decided to take everyday as they came to make the week feel shorter. I cant really believe that Im already going home! It feels weird.
It´ll probably be a good thing though. Im starting to feel a little dizzy from all the sunlight and its SOOO warm down here x_x

I havent got much to tell you for now though.. Just that the beach is wonderful and the pool is chill.. MY MOM EVEN BATHED THERE MORE THAN I DID! O: Ive like.. bathed twice this week xD But she! She´s bathed a HUNDRED times it seems O_O Im so surprised, since she HATES to bathe O: Thats a shock.


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