fredag 1 maj 2009


I love my friends.
There's not one that I don't love.
I just want to tell you guys this, 'cause you're the best. You mean the world to me.
Through my life I've allways hade someone that's bothered me and I've hade fights with 'em from time to time. But thanks to it I've also learned to stop bothering about people only looking for attention and I'm avoiding fights nowadays. Why would I even consider losing energy on someone I don't like when I can put all my energy on the lovely friends I have?
Just want you guys to put that in your mind. Think about your friends more than you "enemies". Be yourselves and stop being someone else. You'll only end up alone.
On the picture is my best friend through all time. She's born to rock your socks.
Even though I do not allways agree with her way of thinking, I'll allways be there to support and help her.
I love you, Donnis!

2 kommentarer:

  1. ... åh.
    Jag vet att jag inte får använda det ordet men...
    Hallego.. <3
    Gu.. vad jag älskar dej <3

  2. good point , im inspired