torsdag 29 oktober 2009


Love. It's a strange topic, isn't it? It can be described with so many words. It can make you feel happy, jealous, mad, frustrated, sad, lonely and even forgotten.
The moment you find someone you love, you don't think you'll ever find anyone better and that this love will last forever. When it's gone you're left heartbroken and sure it was never meant to be. It's hard to understand how blind people can be.
I believe that it was always meant to be. No matter if it last forever or just for one day. Maybe love is a teacher rather than a feeling? When love deceives you, it teaches you to be more careful. When love is hard, it teaches you to be strong. When love is great, it teaches you to enjoy things.
Love today is somewhat a competition, it seems to me. Why do you have to count days and months of a relationship? Is it to confirm to everybody else that love is still standing by your door, even though it might have left someone else? Love never leaves. It just appears in different ways.
Has love taught me something? Yes it has. It taught me to be strong, never to give up and to always be myself. The reward comes when the fight is over.
What did it teach you?

5 kommentarer:

  1. ärligt talat vet jag inte vad det har lärt mig... men jag har märkt att jag har blivit mer kräsen liksom .__.

  2. Kärlek är inte bara det man får från människan man är kär i<3

  3. Jag har lärt mej att riktiga saker tar tid att få :)

  4. umm it's a cool article :D i like it
    yea man I've been thinking about what
    does a relationship do anyway , i meant
    whats the difference between friends and
    girlfriends/boyfriend, do we really belong
    to anybody, and why there are rules ??

    i've been thinking about these questions

    but yea i guess to express yourself to
    the person you love is important ! be
    honest and tell how you feel, you'd get
    to know yourself a lot better if you
    love someone, and to receive love
    how to give someone space , when to
    move on , and how do you communicate
    with the person you love

    ^ ^ its a wonderful thing to think about
    Sohan :D

  5. De "riyu" sa stämmer ju inte xD man kan väl inte bli kräsen.
    Jag menar man ska ju inte ha något än det bästa.

    I dont like love dude, i just got rejected yeasterday D: