lördag 17 oktober 2009

Become a nun?

Why do people care about what others think about them? And why do people love the ones who hurt them the most? It's easy to ask yourself those quiestions, but who's going to answer? I don't understand why the human being is so stupid and shallow.
I'm sick and tired of shallow subjects to talk about and I'm sick and tired of all those idiotic love songs that the radio keeps coughing up. I'm so sick of it that it makes me mad. Wherever I look around, it's all the same. Everyone seems to be talking about the same things, so I try to keep away. Why am I the only one who's gotten tired of all of this? Right now I feel like screaming. I'm very sorry to all the people I love, that I keep hiding away from you. But you must understand that I don't feel involved in your conversations anymore. They really don't interest me at all and I don't want to pretend to be interested anymore. So whenever you feel like talking about things like that, I'll back off and walk away. Shutting my ears is apparently not working anymore. It makes me frustrated. Makes me want to become a nun.

And WOAAAW, I'm updating my blog? TWICE IN ONE DAY? Fabulous, I tell you. Fabulous.
Well I said that I MIGHT update it once in a while. I'm thinking of starting to write properly again. There are a lot of things going on right now that I probably need to write about. Put my heart on a vent.

Thanks for reading, even though none of you are commenting! You suck :D

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