torsdag 22 oktober 2009

Hen omoimasu.

Don't you think it's weird how fast weeks and months passes by? It feels like we're all just sitting on a bus waiting for the right time to push the stop-button. Things happen in less than a second and is forgotten just the minute after.
And it's weird to think that feelings that were so gloomy this morning can be so bright and sparkling just one hour afterward. How come? Because no matter what friends are always there to support you, even though they might not know you feel bad. It's like we all have a built-in radar that tells others how we feel and automatically we start joking and laughing to prevent a bad atmosphere. What do you think??

I've got clay under some of my nails. It's not nice.

Next week is holiday for Halloween! Nice. I'm gonna cosplay Ash Ketchum. It'll be awesome. I'll recieve so much candy that everyone else will puke just by looking at it.
I don't like candy, so I'll probably give it all away.
Except from the chocolate, of course. Chocolate is fine.

2 kommentarer:

  1. jo, vänenr är alltid awsome att prata med när man mår dåligt. Även fast man kanske inte pratar om det man mår dåligt för c: <33

    xD Ash Ketchum av alla!! hahaha, det blir riktigt nice det!! (y) C:

  2. JAG HAR LÅNAT EN PIKACHU NU. Det kommer bli awesome.